UK and South Korea join forces for the AI Seoul Summit

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The UK and South Korea are set to co-host the AI Seoul Summit on the 21st and 22nd of May. This summit aims to pave the way for the safe development of AI technologies, drawing on the cooperative framework laid down by the Bletchley Declaration, signed by 28 countries.

This summit builds upon the historic Bletchley Park discussions held at the historic location in the UK last year, emphasizing AI safety, inclusion, and innovation. It aims to ensure that AI advancements benefit humanity while minimizing potential risks and enhancing global governance on tech innovation.

“AI is advancing at an unprecedented pace that exceeds our expectations, and it is crucial to establish global norms and governance to harness such technological innovations to enhance the welfare of humanity,” explained Minister Lee Jong-Ho.

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If left unchecked, powerful AI systems may pose an existential threat to the future of humanity, say UC Berkeley Professor Stuart Russell and postdoctoral scholar Michael Cohen.

Without giving powerful AI systems clearly defined objectives, or creating robust mechanisms to keep them in check, AI may one day evade human control. And if the objectives of these AIs are at odds with those of humans, say Russell and Cohen, it could spell the end of humanity.

In a recent insights paper in the journal Science, they argue that tech companies should be tasked with ensuring the safety of their AI systems before these systems are allowed to enter the market. .'s cloud unit is investing $10 billion in Mississippi and another $5.3 billion in Saudi Arabia towards data centers in those regions. Google is building a data center just outside London for $1 billion.

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