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  • 📚️ Top artificial intelligence (AI) courses on Coursera

  • 💡 Stanford’s comprehensive report on AI trends

  • ⛅️ Easy Cloud News

  • 📰 AI News

  • 🧰 AI Tools

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AI offers transformative potential across various industries, and mastering it requires a solid educational foundation. Coursera, an online learning platform, collaborates with top universities like Stanford and Duke University, and industry leaders such as IBM and Google, to provide a comprehensive suite of AI courses.

These courses cater to different learners, from beginners just stepping into the world of AI to professionals seeking advanced skills. Whether you’re looking to understand the basics of machine learning, dive into deep learning, or apply AI in fields like medicine or business, Coursera’s diverse offerings ensure there is a course suited for everyone’s needs.

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Welcome to the seventh edition of the AI Index report. The 2024 Index is our most comprehensive to date and arrives at an important moment when AI’s influence on society has never been more pronounced.

Featuring more original data than ever before, this edition introduces new estimates on AI training costs, detailed analyses of the responsible AI landscape, and an entirely new chapter dedicated to AI’s impact on science and medicine.

Our mission is to provide unbiased, rigorously vetted, broadly sourced data in order for policymakers, researchers, executives, journalists, and the general public to develop a more thorough and nuanced understanding of the complex field of AI.

Easy Cloud News

  • 🌤️ Easy Cloud Solutions: Powering Canada’s AI Revolution: Trudeau’s $1.8 Billion Investment (link)

  • ⛪️ Easy Cloud AI: Elevate Your Ministry with Beluga: The Ultimate Sermon Transcription Solution (link)

Listen or read the following transcript as Sinclair Ferguson speaks on the first chapter of Ruth.

The following unedited transcript is provided by Beluga AI.

AI News

  • 🧠 The rise of neurotechnology and its fusion with AI (link)

  • 🧑‍🏭 AI should not replace workers: MosaicVoice & Deepgram (link)

  • 🥇 GPT-4-Turbo has just reclaimed the No. 1 spot on the Arena leaderboard again (link)

  • ⚾️ OpenAI's Altman pitches ChatGPT Enterprise to large firms, including some Microsoft customers (link)

  • 🔈️ Gemini 1.5 Pro could do for audio what previous versions did for text (link)

AI Tools

  • 🔬 Wonders: Get key insights for your projects straight from published science (link)

  • 🗞️ Wikipedia Article: An easy-to-use tool that allows companies and individuals to create Wikipedia articles almost instantly (link)

  • 🦸 Intelligenius: All-in-one platform to generate AI content with limitless possibilities in minutes (link)

  • 📸 removebg: Remove image background 100% automatically and free (link)