OpenAI opens Tokyo hub, adds GPT-4 model optimized for Japanese

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  • 🇯🇵 OpenAI opens Tokyo hub, adds GPT-4 model optimized for Japanese

  • 🤖 China’s Baidu says AI chatbot 'Ernie Bot' has attracted 200 million users

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OpenAI is expanding to Japan, with the opening of a new Tokyo office and plans for a GPT-4 model optimized specifically for the Japanese language.

The move is significant for a few reasons. It underscores the opportunity the company sees to court business in the country and highlights how OpenAI will likely need to localize its technology on different languages as it expands.

ChatGPT has long been conversant in multiple languages, including Japanese. But optimizing the latest version of the underlying GPT LLM for Japanese specifically will give it enhanced understanding of the nuances within the Japanese language, including cultural comprehension, which should make it more effective, particularly in business settings such as customer service and content creation.

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China's Baidu said on Tuesday its artificial intelligence chatbot “Ernie Bot” has garnered more than 200 million users as it seeks to remain China’s most popular ChatGPT-like chatbot amid increasingly fierce competition.

The number of users has roughly doubled since the company's last update in December. The chatbot was released to the public eight months ago.

Baidu CEO Robin Li also said Ernie Bot's application programming interface (API) is being used 200 million times everyday, meaning the chatbot was requested by its user to conduct tasks that many times a day.

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