OpenAI engineer concedes it’s ‘deeply unfair’ how AI can ‘take everyone’s job away’

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  • 😮‍💨 OpenAI engineer concedes it’s ‘deeply unfair’ how AI can ‘take everyone’s job away’

  • 🍕 Google’s new AI search is going well, it’s telling people to add glue to pizza and eat rocks

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In a moment laden with irony, an OpenAI engineer has stated it is “deeply unfair” that he and his peers are building artificial intelligence (AI) models capable of decimating the labor market, adding there is little chance of stopping the momentum.

With the rise of AI and the proliferation of rapidly evolving technology, there are genuine concerns in the workplace that certain roles will be redundant within a few years. These themes were prevalent when Microsoft conducted its 2023 Annual Work Trend Index.

In the survey, just under half of the 31,000 respondents said they believed AI would have an impact on their job security.

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On May 14, the company formally announced that AI-powered changes were to be taking place. This included the news of ‘AI Overviews’ which aims to provide a quick answer to any search through the use of artificial intelligence.

When the team shared the news at Google’s annual conference for developers, the feature was rolled out to everyone in the United States, and other countries were told they’d be able to access it soon.

How is Google getting it so wrong? Well, it appears to be taking what Redditors post as fact. In an 11-year-old thread on the forum site one user replies to a post titled “My cheese slides off the pizza too easily” by (clearly) jokingly telling the original poster to use glue when making the sauce.

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