OpenAI employees warn of AI’s potential existential threats to humanity in letter

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  • 😲 Elon Musk accused of selling $7.5 billion of Tesla stock before releasing disappointing sales data that plunged the share price to two-year low

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A coalition of current and former employees at OpenAI, the parent company behind ChatGPT, has issued a warning about the existential threats posed by advanced artificial intelligence, including the potential for human extinction.

In a detailed letter released yesterday (June 4), the group, consisting of 13 former and current employees from firms such as OpenAI, Anthropic, and Google’s DeepMind, outlined a series of threats associated with AI, despite its potential benefits.

The letter states, “We are current and former employees at frontier AI companies, and we believe in the potential of AI technology to deliver unprecedented benefits to humanity.” However, it also highlights concerns: “These risks range from the further entrenchment of existing inequalities, to manipulation and misinformation, to the loss of control of autonomous AI systems potentially resulting in human extinction.”

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Elon Musk faces allegations that he illegally sold $7.5 billion worth of equity in Tesla in the fourth quarter of 2022, knowing that the business would disappoint after promising investors an "epic end of year."

In a lawsuit filed with a Delaware court late last week, shareholder Michael Perry accused both the CEO of deliberately unloading nearly 45 million shares in advance of poor vehicle sales data to prevent an estimated 55% hit in value, and almost the entire board of collectively violating their responsibility of directors toward shareholders.

“By disposing of $7,530,113,926 worth of Tesla stock in November and December 2022 while he was in possession of adverse, material non-public information, E. Musk exploited his position at Tesla, and he breached his fiduciary duties to Tesla,” the lawsuit claims, adding other directors were both “knowing and culpable” as well.

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