NYPD eyeing AI camera technology that can detect when guns are pulled on the subway

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  • 👮‍♀️ NYPD eyeing AI camera technology that can detect when guns are pulled on the subway

  • 🤖 Meet Devika: Cognition AI's Open-Source AI Software Engineer that Aims to be a Competitive Alternative to Devin

  • ⛅️ Easy Cloud News

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Cameras outfitted with Artificial Intelligence could alert authorities when a gun is pulled on the city’s subways — and the NYPD is eyeing the technology, officials said.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtry told NY1 that the tech might be one way to stop weapons in the wake of the shooting on an A train in Brooklyn last week.

“I’m looking at technology where we can use our current cameras in the actual subway system and integrate that with technology where we can detect weapons,” he said.

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With its ability to comprehend high-level human instructions, conduct focused research, and write code in multiple programming languages, Devika is poised to be a valuable assistant to developers of all skill levels.

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