NHS AI test spots tiny cancers missed by doctors

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  • 🎗️ NHS AI test spots tiny cancers missed by doctors

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An AI tool tested by the NHS successfully identified tiny signs of breast cancer in 11 women which had been missed by human doctors.

The tool, called Mia, was piloted alongside NHS clinicians and analysed the mammograms of over 10,000 women.

Most of them were cancer-free, but it successfully flagged all of those with symptoms, as well as an extra 11 the doctors did not identify. At their earliest stages, cancers can be extremely small and hard to spot.

The BBC saw Mia in action at NHS Grampian, where we were shown tumours that were practically invisible to the human eye. But, depending on their type, they can grow and spread rapidly.

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Imagine the absurdist mobile platform championed by George McFly in the 2015 popular film–Back to the Future Part II come to life.

Yes, in the real world. Scientists at Georgia Tech after decades of intrigue have finally engineered a robotic exoskeleton device that uses a universal control framework.

This framework doesn’t require any training, calibration, or adjustments to complex algorithms as per a statement by the researchers.

Aiming to protect workers from painful injuries and aid stroke patients in regaining mobility, researchers made drastic efforts to calibrate as well as tune the device for different but specific situations.

Their work could pave the way for such advanced exoskeleton technology to be placed in homes, workplaces, and other applications.

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