Navigating Deepfakes and voice cloning: How to safeguard

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  • 👭 Navigating Deepfakes and voice cloning: How to safeguard

  • 🗣️ ChatGPT will be able to talk to you like Scarlett Johansson in Her

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Imagine a world where anyone could sound exactly like you, saying things you'd never say. This isn't science fiction; it's today's reality with technologies like voice cloning, Deepfakes, and AI mimicry—they're real and accessible tools that offer incredible opportunities and serious ethical dilemmas.

While these advances are exciting, they also raise significant ethical concerns, particularly about privacy, consent, identity, and the integrity of information. Understanding what these technologies are capable of is the first step toward addressing the ethical questions they present.

In this article will give you an overview of voice cloning, Deepfakes, and AI mimicry. You’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the ethical challenges surrounding these technologies and how different stakeholders can navigate them.

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OpenAI is releasing a Her-inspired voice assistant feature that can read your facial expressions and translate spoken language in real time — and hopefully do it all without abandoning you like in the movie.

During a livestream demonstration on Monday, OpenAI engineers and CTO Mira Murati gathered around a phone to show the new capabilities. They encouraged the assistant to be more expressive while making up a bedtime story, then abruptly requested it to switch to a robotic voice, before finally asking it to conclude the story with a singing voice.

Later, they asked the assistant to look at what the phone’s camera is seeing and have it respond to what’s visible on-screen. The assistant was also able to be interrupted while speaking and respond without continued prompting while acting as a translator.

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Listen or read the following transcript as Matt Chandler speaks on the topic of Worship from Colossians 3:1–16.

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