Intel says new Gaudi 3 chip beats Nvidia’s H100 GPU in speed and cost - competition heats up

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  • 🤼 Intel says new Gaudi 3 chip beats Nvidia’s H100 GPU in speed and cost - competition heats up

  • 🧍‍♂️ Does AI need a “body” to become truly intelligent? Meta researchers think so

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Intel on Tuesday unveiled its latest artificial intelligence chip, called Gaudi 3, as chipmakers rush to produce semiconductors that can train and deploy big AI models, such as the one underpinning OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Intel says the new Gaudi 3 chip is over twice as power-efficient as and can run AI models one-and-a-half times faster than Nvidia’s H100 GPU.

It also comes in different configurations like a bundle of eight Gaudi 3 chips on one motherboard or a card that can slot into existing systems.

Intel tested the chip on models like Meta’s open-source Llama and the Abu Dhabi-backed Falcon. It said Gaudi 3 can help train or deploy models, including Stable Diffusion or OpenAI’s Whisper model for speech recognition.

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AIs that can generate videos, quickly translate languages, or write new computer code could be world changing, but can they ever be truly intelligent?

Not according to the embodiment hypothesis, which argues that human-level intelligence can only emerge if an intelligence is able to sense and navigate a physical environment, the same way babies can.

According to this theory, the only way to get an AI to develop true intelligence is to give it a body and the ability to move around and experience the world. Digital-only AIs, in comparison, may be great for narrow tasks, but they’ll always hit an intelligence ceiling.

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