Every US federal agency must hire a chief AI officer

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  • 🇺🇸 Every US federal agency must hire a chief AI officer

  • 🌽 US farms are making an urgent push into AI

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All US federal agencies will now be required to have a senior leader overseeing all AI systems they use, as the government wants to ensure that AI use in the public service remains safe.

Vice President Kamala Harris announced the new Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance in a briefing with reporters and said that agencies must also establish AI governance boards to coordinate how AI is used within the agency.

Agencies will also have to submit an annual report to the OMB listing all AI systems they use, any risks associated with these, and how they plan on mitigating these risks.

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Across agriculture, a dearth of workers is threatening the viability of the industry, both in terms of profitably and crop yield. There simply are not enough hands to sustain the food systems that feed the world.

One of the biggest issues is simple: farmers are getting older. Many can't take on the sun-up-to-sundown manual labor needed to effectively run a farm. Younger generations aren't taking the reins from their elders as they once did, instead opting for jobs in less labor-intensive, better-paying industries.

To solve the problem some US farmers are looking to emerging robotics and AI tools. "We think about solutions to solving that problem, and we do think that advances in technology could help ease some of the labor load," says Emily Buckman, director of government affairs at the American Farm Bureau Federation, an industry trade association..

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Listen or read the following transcript as R. C. Sproul speaks on the topic of the Perseverance of the Saints from Hebrews 6.

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