Elon Musk predicts when AI will become superior to human intelligence

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  • 🧠 Elon Musk predicts when AI will become superior to human intelligence

  • 🧪 ‘A landmark moment’: scientists use AI to design antibodies from scratch

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Elon Musk has always been vocal about his opinion regarding artificial intelligence, and has often warned against the dangers of AI. And now he’s predicted when AI will become smarter than humans.

Elon Musk’s relationship with AI is a like a novel, and it consists of different chapters. Last year, the tech mogul launched his own artificial intelligence company, X.AI, probably because he’s following the old mantra, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’.

According to Musk, AI will become smarter than humans by 2029. But he also said that if we keep going at this rate, it might happen as early as next year.

He has a point considering, among other things, we now have a robot that can literally do Musk’s impression.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson, Musk added that AI has the “potential of civilizational destruction”, chiefly because it can learn, and learn from its mistakes, at a rate humans can’t match.

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Researchers have used generative artificial intelligence (AI) to help them make completely new antibodies for the first time.

The proof-of-principle work, reported this week in a preprint on bioRxiv, raises the possibility of bringing AI-guided protein design to the therapeutic antibody market, which is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The work has not yet been peer reviewed.

Antibodies — immune molecules that strongly attach to proteins implicated in disease — have conventionally been made using brute-force approaches that involve immunizing animals or screening vast numbers of molecules.

AI tools that can shortcut those costly efforts have the potential to “democratize the ability to design antibodies”, says study co-author Nathaniel Bennett, a computational biochemist at the University of Washington in Seattle. “Ten years from now, this is how we’re going to be designing antibodies.”

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