The billionaires getting rich from AI 2024

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  • 💰️ The billionaires getting rich from AI 2024

  • 🔥 8M UK careers at risk of ‘job apocalypse’ from AI

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AI Billionaires List 2024: A year and a half after ChatGPT became popular, bringing artificial intelligence into everyday conversations and making OpenAI CEO Sam Altman well-known, the AI industry is booming.

Over the past year, the stock prices of many tech companies, both old and new, have soared, making their founders and CEOs even richer. This surge has led to the emergence of more than a dozen new AI billionaires on Forbes’ World’s Billionaires list 2024.

One notable example is Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang, whose company's stock price increased by nearly 300% over the past year. This growth landed Huang among the world’s 20 richest people for the first time.

Other companies, like Super Micro Computer, saw their stock prices rise even more, making their founders, Charles Liang and Sara Liu, new billionaires. Lisa Su, CEO of Advanced Micro Devices, also joined the billionaire ranks due to a significant increase in AMD’s share price.

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A report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) sheds light on the potential impact of AI on the UK job market. The study warns of an imminent ‘job apocalypse’, threatening to engulf over eight million careers across the nation, unless swift government intervention is enacted.

The report identifies two key stages of generative AI adoption. The first wave, which is already underway, exposes 11 percent of tasks performed by UK workers. Routine cognitive tasks like database management and organizational tasks like scheduling are most at risk.

However, in a potential second wave, AI could handle a staggering 59 percent of tasks—impacting higher-earning jobs and non-routine cognitive work like creating databases.

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AI News

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