Amazon’s robotaxi company is under investigation after two crashes with motorcyclists

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Green Energy Meets Bitcoin, Hidden Gem Company

This tiny company has all but cemented itself in the future list of bitcoin mining giants.

An industry shakeup of environmental regulations could spell catastrophe for others, while this company begins to soar.

The underlying factors?

Cheap production and carbon neutral mining.

But that’s just the start of it.

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  • 🚕 Amazon’s robotaxi company is under investigation after two crashes with motorcyclists

  • 🙁 Musk's X Corp loses lawsuit against Israeli data-scraping company

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US safety regulators are looking into two crashes involving Amazon’s robotaxi company, Zoox. The Office of Defects Investigation, under the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, opened a preliminary evaluation into Zoox after two separate reports of the vehicles suddenly braking and causing motorcyclists to crash into their rear end.

NHTSA confirms that the Zoox vehicles were operating autonomously when the incidents occurred. The vehicles involved in both crashes were Toyota Highlander SUVs, which Zoox uses for testing and data gathering. According to the Office of Defects Investigation, the investigation covers an estimated 500 vehicles.

The crashes did not involve Zoox’s unique toaster-looking vehicles that lack traditional pedals and steering wheels — which were approved for testing on California roads in 2023. Recently these purpose-built vehicles have started operating at night as well.

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A U.S. judge dismissed a lawsuit in which Elon Musk's X Corp accused an Israeli data-scraping company of illegally copying and selling content, and selling tools that let others copy and sell content, from the social media platform.

U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco ruled on Thursday that X, formerly Twitter, failed to plausibly allege that Bright Data Ltd violated its user agreement by allowing the scraping and evading X's own anti-scraping technology.

Alsup said using scraping tools is not inherently fraudulent, and giving social media companies free rein to decide how public data are used "risks the possible creation of information monopolies that would disserve the public interest."

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