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  • An AI-controlled fighter jet took the Air Force leader for a historic ride and what that means for war

An AI-controlled fighter jet took the Air Force leader for a historic ride and what that means for war

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  • 🛩️ An AI-controlled fighter jet took the Air Force leader for a historic ride and what that means for war

  • 📽️ The first music video generated with OpenAI’s unreleased Sora model is here

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Generated by DALL-E

EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) — With the midday sun blazing, an experimental orange and white F-16 fighter jet launched with a familiar roar that is a hallmark of U.S. airpower. But the aerial combat that followed was unlike any other: This F-16 was controlled by artificial intelligence, not a human pilot. And riding in the front seat was Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall.

AI marks one of the biggest advances in military aviation since the introduction of stealth in the early 1990s, and the Air Force has aggressively leaned in. Even though the technology is not fully developed, the service is planning for an AI-enabled fleet of more than 1,000 unmanned warplanes, the first of them operating by 2028.

Generated by DALL-E

OpenAI wowed the tech community and many in media and arts earlier this year — while also raising feathers of traditional videographers and artists — by showing off a new AI model called Sora that makes realistic, high-resolution and smooth video up to 60 seconds per clip.

Now, one of OpenAI’s handpicked Sora early access users, writer/director Paul Trillo, who was among the first in the world in March to demo third-party videos made with the model, has created what is being called the “first official music video made with OpenAI’s Sora.”

The video was made for indie chillwave musician Washed Out (Ernest Weatherly Greene Jr.) and his new single “The Hardest Part.” It is essentially a 4-minute long series of connected, quick zoom shots through different scenes that have all been stitched together to create the illusion of a continuous zoom.

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Listen or read the following transcript as R. C. Sproul speaks on the topic of the Perseverance of the Saints from Hebrews 6.

The following unedited transcript is provided by Beluga AI.

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