AI can now detect Covid-19 in lung ultrasound images

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  • 🫁 AI can now detect Covid-19 in lung ultrasound images

  • 🚘️ Tesla’s AI breakthrough: What it means for the future of autonomous driving

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An automated detection tool developed by Johns Hopkins researchers could help ER doctors diagnose patients quickly and accurately.

The findings boost AI-driven medical diagnostics and bring health care professionals closer to being able to quickly diagnose patients with COVID-19 and other pulmonary diseases with algorithms that comb through ultrasound images to identify signs of disease.

The findings, newly published in Communications Medicine, culminate an effort that started early in the pandemic when clinicians needed tools to rapidly assess legions of patients in overwhelmed emergency rooms.

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According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s AI team is no longer constrained by compute resources, a revelation with profound implications for the future of self-driving vehicles.

The announcement is amidst growing anticipation surrounding Tesla’s advancements in autonomous driving technology. Musk’s assertion that the company is no longer compute constrained suggests that Tesla now possesses the necessary computational resources to accelerate the development and deployment of its autonomous driving systems.

The implications of this breakthrough are far-reaching.

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Listen or read the following transcript as Sinclair Ferguson speaks from the second chapter of Ruth.

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